Location: Santuario Ziplining & Cabinas Ballenas

We woke up from our almost beachside hotel, had breakfast and got some free time before we left to go on our adventure. We were going zip lining. It took about 20 minutes to get there, and when we arrived, it took about 30 mins to get on the lines, but we did. The first few were pretty fun, but after the 4th one, it got really fun. At first, it started just sprinkling, but after a while, it started pouring. The guides said we would hit speeds around 40 mph, and with pouring raindrops hitting your face it felt like tiny bee stings all over your body, but that’s what made it even more fun. By the end of the adventure, we were all soaking wet, and our shoes were spitting water every time we stepped. The company made a nice lunch for us, which included chicken, rice, beans, and plantains. After lunch, we took the shuttle back to our van, and it was pretty uncomfortable considering that we were soaking wet. Once we got in the van Henry, let us stop and change into some dry clothes. We drove about an hour, and then we stopped at a supermarket to get dinner ingredients. We made it to our new hotel, and it was my favorite by far. The guys got our Bungalow, and the girls shared one with Anna, Evan, and Henry. The Bungalows were sick, and they were a nice size too. At around 6:00 we went over to the girl’s bungalow, and we all cooked our dinner, which included quesadillas, bacon and other stuff. Now it’s movie time.