Location: Manuel Antonio Beach and Mono Azul Hotel

Today was the coolest day so far. Morgan and I had an early breakfast and went to Gail’s house. We waited for everyone to arrive. Once everyone was ready, we jumped in the van and Henry (our driver) started the motor. The trip was about 3 hours long, but it felt like 10 hours. Once we arrived at Mono Azul Hotel on the West Coast, we all changed into our bathing suits. Henry drove us over to Manuel Antonio Beach. Manuel Antonio is a national park. It was very beautiful. There were sloths, monkeys, and raccoons everywhere. The raccoons even tried to steal our food. It was hilarious. From the entrance of the park to the beach, it is a 20-minute walk. On the walk, we went through the jungle. It was awesome because we got to see many animals. Once we were at the beach, everyone immediately jumped into the water. The water was clear, warm, and it was a sunny day. It was the perfect combination to create the perfect beach day. Our counselors told us several times to wear sunscreen. After having a perfect beach day, we headed out to buy some snacks and ice cream. It was great! Then, Henry drove us back to the hotel, and we had a delicious dinner. Best day ever!!!!