Location: West End, Tortola

Hi everyone,

Today we woke up and had a breakfast of cereal and granola. To ensure we were on time for service at Aragorn’s eco-farm, we towed our broken dinghy to shore. Once we got to the farm, we learned about the history of the British Virgin Islands and how he does regenerative farming. One of his tricks was using different types of worms to break up debris and make his own dirt. Then Azi, Chava, Zoe, Adele, Lindsey, and I got to work weeding, so there was more room for Aragorn to grow crops. We all took turns using the machetes to cut down the massive weeds that were growing (zero injuries). They were a crowd favorite and made the work go by faster. The rest of the group focused on separating sargasm from the sand to later use in the production of dirt. After a long lunch break, we started a human train to transport bamboo up the hill. After evaluating its quality, the bamboo either went to be burned or used in craft projects. Gavin enjoyed using the machetes to cut it up so it would fit in the fireplace. On our way back, Aragorn gifted us with a bag full of mangoes for us to enjoy. There were rumors about making mango ice cream later. We all got back to the boat and couldn’t wait to clean off in our ocean showers and swim around for the afternoon. Then our chefs, Gary and Zoe, made us tortellini, a boat favorite. We are currently winding down with a motivational tape by Lifeworks that all the ActionQuest boats are listening to while the staff all have a meeting to update each other on the events of the different groups.

We miss you all so much at home. Mom and Dad make sure to send Nana my love

– Ella