Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today, I woke up to Elliot shaking my feet so I could wake up everyone else. We had an early morning and started to sail to West End. We had a great “breakie,” which consisted of Cheerios and Special K. At West End, we helped gather mangrove data for National Parks. We had people measuring the growth of the mangroves, writing the data down, counting how many saplings there were, replanting the missing poles, and picking up trash around the area. We then got back on Firebolt to sail to another mangrove site. On the way there, Alysa, Cami, Shannon and I made up a language/accent and named it CASC while everyone was taking naps. We also made up boy names for each other, so we are ready for Saturdays (Saturdays are for the boys). I’m Chris, Shannon is Sammuel, Alysa is Shalyso, and Cami is Cam Cam. We got to our second mangrove site and did the same thing. On our way back, Elliot started giving us instructions on what to do but in the form of a song, so he was singing for a good 20 minutes rhyming it with the most random stuff. Now, we are at Peter Island, full from the great Mexican food, and going to watch the rest of the documentary in a little bit… Gtg:)