Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today we woke up to the sweet smell of chocolate chip pancakes. For breakfast, we had pancakes and fruit. We sailed from Great Harbour Jost to West End, Tortola. There, we restocked on food and water and got ready to visit the mangroves. We got on the dock and walked about half a mile to our first mangrove site. Once we arrived, we learned what we had to do. Years ago, mangroves were planted in PVC pipes to protect them while they grew. We observed if the plants were alive, dead, or missing. We planted propagules where the dead and missing mangroves were previously planted. We also cleaned up trash here. Then we went back to our boat. We motored over to Road Town, Tortola. There, we took a dinghy to the next site. We went through the same process and planted more propagules to grow mangroves. It is important to grow more mangroves because they are so helpful to the environment. They prevent erosion, provide protection, and many more useful things. We went back to the catamaran and motored to Great Harbour Peter Island. Here, we took saltwater showers and also had Mexican food for dinner. Then we watched a movie and went to bed.