Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Our morning quickly began with a sail from Great Harbour Peter to Roadtown in Tortola. We ate cereal underway and got ready for one of our last service projects. When we got to Roadtown, we went to VISAR (Virgin Islands Search and Rescue) and learned about the organization. VISAR is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization that responds to emergency calls in the BVI. Projects were quickly established. We had a storage container to be painted, a huge landscaping project, and many other small projects. Some people fixed donation cans, counted coins, and organized their inventory. We also had the opportunity to buy VISAR gear. We got to VISAR around 8 and didn’t leave until around 4. When all the projects were complete, we got to eat Snickers Ice Cream Bars and headed back for the boats. We had a quick sail to The Inner Harbour and got to take our first onshore showers. Everyone came back feeling refreshed, and we all talked on the deck. Then Elliot came back with pizza as a reward for a hard day. We ate the pizza during the sail back to Great Harbour Peter where we reflected back on all of our projects.