Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we had a late start to the day when we woke up around 8. We soon gathered round for a breakfast of eggs, sausage, and biscuits as we waited for the unknown activities planned out for the day. After some suspense, we headed onto Peter Island to look around the Smith family’s estate and imagine the times the old traditional village thrived. The group had some time to reflect before we picked up trash, cleaned up the landscape, and organized the area. We compared the juxtaposition of the new resort being built next to the old traditional building that is slowly being reconstructed. Next, we headed back to Ewak to spend time (our last time) in the water. Many people snorkeled or just swam around, but in the end, after hanging out and lunch, we protected our ship from invaders- the other GoBeyond boat. They headed over on a dinghy, and we blocked the boat with our own armada. After returning from our successful block, we brought up our sail and motored over to Norman Island. On the way, we had a quick squabble (is that the right word?) with the other GoBeyond boat, and we destroyed them by throwing fruit at them. By the time Ewak soared into the Bight, we had left Anamacara in our bubbles (although they were actually in front of us). The staff then left for a meeting, and our group ate dinner and played cards before we started packing and writing our goodbye notes for the other members of our crew. It will definitely be sad to leave, but the memories we have made will stay.