Location: Soper’s Hole, Tortola

Today, being the last day of the trip, we started off the day with our second hike up Spyglass Hill. The first time we hiked Spyglass, we traced our hands and wrote inside the hand our goals for the trip. The second time up, we received the hands and reflected among our goals. Everybody accomplished all of their goals and much more. We also were told to get one cool rock and one not so cool rock. The cool rock was meant to symbolize what we learned; I mainly learned not to take the small things in my life for granted. We are taking the cool rock home to remind us of what we learned and to stay true to them. The not so cool rock symbolized what we did not so well on the trip, and we threw these rocks off the hill in order to leave them behind as we depart the BVI. After Spyglass, we ate a quick breakfast underway and prepared for boat cleanup. My job was to clean our cabin’s bathroom; this wasn’t too pleasant. Boat clean up took up most of the day, and we thankfully passed the inspection. Once we docked in West End, we unpacked the boat and got a couple of hours of free time onshore. We all went to a restaurant called Omar’s and got a quick bite. The hours were winding down, and we all prepared for the final BBQ with the entire Global Expeditions Group.