Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today our boat went to Sea Cow Bay which is in Tortola. Then, we anchored and dinghied over to the mangrove site where we counted the pipes that were currently housing those plants. Then, we pulled the dead mangroves up and planted propagules. These were collected in Anegada, wherein our free time when we were tagging turtles. They fall off the mangroves as seeds and float. This is called a viviparous plant. After we finished, we sailed over to Road Town. It is the most industrialized area that we have been to. Here, we had shore time. There was a large grocery store where Darius bought a crate of Ting. Ting is a popular drink in the Caribbean that our whole boat is obsessed with so we all got to indulge when we got back to the boat. We then ate dinner and had a chill rest of our night.

Signing off,

Sasha 🙂