Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today everyone woke up at 7 in the morning. The chefs prepared breakfast which was pancakes. After breakfast, we had some free time because the staff had a meeting. One of the shipmates thought of a prank, which will make the staff “angry” when they came back from the meeting. The prank was to put all the knives in the jelly jar, and we would all stare at it. Because knives are not allowed in the jelly jar (they can’t hold the jelly properly and therefore are the wrong tool for the job) the staff would be surprised we went against one of the boat rules. Another part of the plan was to turn to the staff when they come out of the dinghies and make a funny face. After all the planning, we set up for it. After the prank, the staff all laughed and told us to clean it up. After that, we talked about the plan for the rest of the day, which was to meet Conrad. He is the only person who lives on Peter Island. He could choose to go live somewhere else with his friends, but he does not. We talked for about an hour, and we learned many things. He was blind and had bad hearing. Even though he had a very difficult life, he was still happy. After meeting him we when to talk about our lives and why we should be happy even if something bad happened to us. Then we went back to say goodbye to Conrad, and we left for lunch. We had sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, we sailed to Norman Island, which is where we will spend the night. We had dinner and get ready for the last activity for the day.