Location: Manuel Antonio

Today was another fun-filled, adventurous and hot day for the Lifeworkers. The teens had to wake up bright and early to ride their 6:30 AM bus to the beautiful town of Capos.

Stunning rainforests and rivers made the almost 4-hour drive worthwhile. We even had a chance to walk on a bridge over crocodiles!

Once in Capos, the group dropped off their bags at the Mono Azul hotel and headed straight for the national park and beach. On the way, the group was met by a hoard of monkeys, some of which was shy yet quite accepting of fruit.

To make it to the private beach, the Lifeworkers had to endure a long hike in the rainforest in hot and humid weather. Though the sun was shining, the group’s faith in a great beach experience was fading.

However, once the group made it to their destination, laughter and fun prevailed. The waves were strong, yet that made for an even greater swimming environment.

Unfortunately, the group was unaware of thieving raccoons, so one of the students had his lunch stolen. Everyone kept a close eye on their belongings after such a surprise.

Shortly after arriving, a storm rolled in and forced the group to hide near the restrooms until the lighting and rain cleared. After nearly an hour of waiting, we were able to continue their beach day.

The next beach the group hiked to was smaller, however, the water was warm, the waves were high, and all sorts of little hermit crabs lined the rocks. It was set in between two mountains, making a breathtaking skyline and assortment of clouds.

The group was able to enjoy time at the beach for a few more hours and then had to take the long hike back to the bus. Once back at the Mono Azul, the teens finished off the day with a few good games of pool and excellent dinner.

With the end of the trip drawing closer, today offered so many new memories to the group. Each day, teens grow closer and closer and will continue to do so until the very end.