Location: Manuel Antonio, Uvita

Day 16

Today we woke up at the Mono Azul and had pancakes, eggs, beans, rice, and fruit with orange juice for breakfast. After breakfast, we all gathered our stuff and got back on the bus for another day at the beach and surfing! The beach wasn’t far from the hotel, and as always, it was beautiful. We stayed at the beach for a few hours. Half of the group rented surfboards and was shredding “the gnar” in Costa Rica. The waves were further out and formed beautifully. When that group was out surfing the other half of the group got caught in a rip current, Martin and another surfer that was in the water helped them get out of it. After we all got out of the water and were getting ready to go to lunch, a few of us bought fresh coconuts that were cut for us to drink the coconut water. We walked over to the bus to drop off our wet towels, and our bus driver cut open the coconuts for us so we could eat the meat out of it. Lunch was simple but good and well needed. The restaurant was right across from the water, so it had a great view. When lunch was over, we all got back on the bus and headed to our next hotel we would spend the night in. The hotel was called Cabina; it was small and cozy for a one night stay. At 3, we walked to the beach to go on a hike and to watch the sunset. We had to cross a wide stream at one point, so a few of us tried to use a log as a bridge to get over it when we put the log in the river it broke, so it didn’t work. Renae made us take the log out of the water because according to ecology that can mess up an environment. Not even halfway into the walk, it started raining, and we were told a storm was coming so we had to go back to the hotel. Matteo forgot his rain jacket and was soaking wet on the walk back. After being at the hotel for a while, we had Martin walk with all of us to a store that was down the street to get snacks for our long car ride tomorrow. Dinner was at 6, and at 8, we had a meeting with the whole group to talk about the past week. We played cards and then went off to bed. Keep reading our trip log to see what we’re up to during our GoBeyond travel opportunity!