Location: Beijing, China

Hi! Today was fun, in the morning we all completed our service activities. I went to the baby home until the group kids were done with mass and then headed home to play with them. With one of the kids, we created a massive play dough ball that was responsible for some serious bruising. Afterward, we headed home for tacos. After lunch we had the option of either going to the 798 Art District or the baby home, Nate, Alex, Leigh and I went to the district while Bri, Sarah, Grace, Robin, and Sarah went to the baby home. They got overloaded with babies, and Bri looked like a psycho mom who hadn’t slept in 80 days. While they were dealing with that, we were walking in the 100-degree heat ducking into both shops and cafes in hopes of escaping and finding air conditioning. Later we painted nails and made friendship bracelets! It is slowly sinking in that the trip is coming to an end, honestly, it feels like just yesterday we were awkwardly meeting each other. At least we still have another day with the babies!