Location: Beijing, China


Hi everyone! This morning we had our normal rotation between chef, baby home and group home. I went to the baby home. When we are arrived the A/C wasn’t working so it was super hot and all the babies were sweating a lot. Every time I hold this one toddler, he falls asleep in my arms. It is the most precious thing I have ever seen. I can never get sick of babies falling asleep in my arms. It is one of the best feelings in the entire world. If I never left the baby home for the rest of my life I would be the happiest human alive. Being with the kids a lot makes me want to be a mother so bad. I can’t wait! I have really connected with the toddlers. They are so innocent and pure. These babies are both sick and have no family. Two of the most important things my life, these kids don’t have. This makes me want share all my love with them. They are so special to me and thinking about them brings a smile to my face. I know we still have three days left but thinking about leaving them makes me already tear up. Today I also got to feed one of the really small babies. Once it was noon, it was time to go. So we said goodbye to all the babies and drove back to the apartment. Once we got to the apartment we had lunch which was spaghetti. It was really good! After, we walked 15 minutes to the calligraphy class. We split into two groups. I painted flowers first. This painting was wayyyyy harder to do than last time. After we finished the painting, we moved to the calligraphy room. After doing calligraphy twice, I’m certain that I’m horrible at it. The teacher tried to help me draw each character the right way but he ended up giving up because I was so bad. Once we were all done we collected all of our art pieces and walked back to the apartment. When we got to the apartment we all scrambled to get ready for our fancy dinner. After an hour, we all looked like different people. We began to walk to dinner. A few girls decided to wear heels which I don’t understand how they did it. Once we arrived we were escorted to our own private room. The restaurant was super interesting. We first got to choose our own broth. We were given the choice of mushroom, chicken, spicy, tomato broth. I chose chicken. Once everyone was given their broth we went downstairs to get sauces. When we got back to the room meats and vegetables were placed on the lazy Susan. We then got to put everything we wanted in our broth and waited for it to cook. It was super fun and delicious. Emily and Nathan shared the spicy broth and they were sweating and crying the rest of dinner. They had to get fresh air because it was sooo spicy. Nathan thought it was just chili sauce. Other than that the food was so delicious. After dinner Alex Z. went to the bathroom and accidentally broke a painting, classic him. Then we all walked to our little surprise, KARAOKE! It was the most luxurious karaoke place I have ever been to. We even had our own bathroom in our huge room. We sang all night. Someone sang the song I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry which was really funny. In addition, some of us sang duets to High School Musical and we also sang as a big group to Wanna Be by the Spice Girls. It was probably the most fun night so far. All the Chinese men were watching us because we were so loud and we were dancing so much. Some of us even broke a sweat. It will definitely be a night to remember. Sadly, Nathan and Alex didn’t feel well and left the crazy night early. Emily took them home and they went to bed early. Another then that the whole night was super fun though! After singing our hearts out it was sadly time to go. We then walked back to the apartment with sore throats from singing so loud. This was our latest night out so once we got the apartment we were all tired out. Today was definitely an eventful day. Can’t believe there is only two more days left I never want to leave. China, you’ve been super fun – I’ll miss you!