Location: Beijing, China

Hello again everybody!

Today was our first day back from our trip to Taiyuan. Some of us went to the baby home, but I stayed at the apartment with Leonie, Alex Z., Alex H. and Chloe to hang out with some of the group home kids. We inflated balloons and pretended they were swords. A few of the group home kids, Alex and Wally, were (playfully) whacking me with their swords. My morning was very enjoyable.

We had mac n cheese for lunch. Although I usually don’t eat that, I thought our lunch today was pretty good. After lunch, we hung out at the apartment for an hour, and then we headed to everyone’s favorite place, Roundabout.

For the first part of our time there, I sorted out books with Robin, Brianna, and Leonie. It was very interesting to see what books people had donated. For the second part, we organized shelves in the store. It took some effort to move the shelves around, and the heat added a bit more stress and made our job slightly harder.

We came back to the apartment, and we all decided to go to a mall we drive by every morning. We walked there, only to discover that the entire place was closed. Instead, we walked to a store across the street with all different types of things. I bought a really cute t-shirt.

We had an amazing dinner thanks to our amazing chef. Afterward, we talked about making an impact through community service. We had a very interesting discussion on it.

Right now, we are watching Kung Fu Panda. That’s all for now. Bye!

Leigh <3