Location: Iceland

We started the day off strong with an extra 15 minutes of sleep. Once Robbie and Kimmi woke us up, we started getting ready for another fun day of service by eating breakfast, putting on as many layers as possible, and hopping in the van. After a 45-minute drive full of naps, we arrived at Godafoss, where we would spend the rest of the day looking at a beautiful mountain fountain (waterfall) and helping replant the man-made walkways. Everyone was split into three groups: the miners, the assembly line, and the planters. After about three hours of work, we got a quick lunch break at the cafe nearby, where students ate and bought some souvenirs. Renzo, Ava, Max, Nola, Leigh, and I quickly got back to jumping on shovels to dig up as much as we could while the others were patching the ground with the help of the volunteer coordinators. Once we had finished everything, a few people went down to the rocks to get a better view of the mountain fountain.

When we returned to the hostel, we all got changed and showered before a great dinner cooked by Ciara, Renzo, Drew, and Robbie. They cooked lava salt chicken, lamb, rice, zucchini, mushrooms, and fried bananas. After a few people did dishes, we did a squeeze and enjoyed some delicious cinnamon rolls as a reward for two hard days of service. Everyone ended their night by either journaling, doing yoga, or hanging out with each other.