Location: Ollantaytambo

Author: Tom Location: Ollantaytambo After yesterday’s hike many people were very sore, but still looking forward to getting back to the school. We had made so much progress in the last two days that we had worked on the greenhouse that I was very excited to continue with the project. Today while some people were picking up trash, forming neat rows in the dirt, and generally working much harder than I was, with the help of others, I started to work on the roof of the greenhouse. I was amazed at how quickly time flew as we laid a base layer of wire across the top beams of the structure. Soon, it was time to begin putting green mesh over the wire to add the “green” to our greenhouse. This proved to be somewhat more difficult and time began to slow down. Many of the others who had been working much harder began looking for the car that signaled the delivery of our lunch. After our midday meal and a siesta that felt like much longer than the allotted twenty-five minutes, we finished applying the green mesh, and the others finished their neat rows of dirt within the structure. As we finished, the bus arrived to take us back to the hostel. And after we were able to wash up, we once again ventured into town. I did very little shopping in the markets today but got some great hot chocolate with some friends at the Choco Museo. Afterward, we made our way to dinner where we all had a great meal, even though some of us were feeling a little under the weather. Once we got back, we had a great conversation about what exactly “service” meant. I was very happy with what transpired throughout the conversation, as many people brought up many good points. Afterward, I was able to call my little sister and wish her a happy birthday, that was a high point of my day. I cannot wait to go back to the school tomorrow and put the finishing touches on the greenhouse! P.S. Happy birthday Sam!