Location: Andes

Today we split into two groups; one went horseback riding, while the other group went to Guayama to do service work. In Guayama, the smaller group split up into two even smaller groups. A group of six went to a farm and tiled the rocky soil for a family of fourteen so that they could grow barley and wheat. To show their thanks, the family served the group an authentic freshly made lamb and potato soup. The other smaller group helped the leader of the town make cement for the hostel that she is building to bring eco-tourist to the town. It felt amazing to get to directly help the lives of the people living in the Andes. The group that went horseback riding started their journey at the hotel and rode their horses five miles up to a fantastic view. Then they went on a short hike and toured a forest full of trees and trees that the local people consume regularly. After a short lunch break, the group rode to a cheese factory and got to sample authentic cheeses and ice cream. They then rode back down the five-mile trail back to the hotel. Once the horseback riders got back to the hotel, we had a very emotional and constructive forum. We all got to know each other a little better by talking about our past present and future and reflecting on who we were, where we are, and where we want to go. It was amazing to get to know each other on a more emotional level around the end of the trip. Overall, it was a very packed and enlightening day.