Location: Anegada

In the morning, we woke up to a beautiful view of the silhouettes of the islands and we had delicious French toast made by BZ. After gathering some snacks at a nearby market, we sailed to an incredible island owned by Sir Richard Branson named Necker island. Sir Richard Branson is the owner of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile. This breathtaking island had a bunch of cool animals, amazing view, and a lovely house. When we first arrived on the island, the wildlife caretakers took us to many different habitats on the island. We saw tortoise, iguanas, toucans, macaws, flamingos, and lemurs. In the lemur habitat, the wildlife caretakers let the lemurs walk all over us and let us feed them. It was pretty wild. After that, we were taken to the top of the house to see a view of a lot of British Virgin Islands and of course, the beautiful blue water. After all, of the views, we got back on our dinghies and rode back to our boats. Special thanks to the wildlife caretakers and Sir Richard Branson for letting us on the island. We had a terrific lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, my favorite made by Jasmine and Sheev, After that, we started our three-hour sail to Anegada. During this, we listened to Big Time Rush and had a knot competition, and I beat BZ once even though she used one hand. I was pretty proud. When we arrived at Anegada, we took showers and ate Mexican food for dinner. It was an awesome day.