Location: Anegada

Today, we experienced our first day of actual turtle tagging! We woke up then took a longish taxi ride down to a dock on Anegada. I was one of the first people along with Julie to go out and catch the turtles. We stepped onto this small boat that was specially built for shallow waters. After 40 minutes of seeing and losing the turtles, we caught the session’s first one! It was a small Green Sea Turtle. We carefully took the turtle back to the dock to be measured, tagged (if not already), and recorded. We recorded the type, location of catch, weather and water conditions, moon phase, tags, date, and any anomalies. After recording the general information, we went on to the morphometrics. In this section, we recorded the turtle’s plastron, tail, carapace length and width, and head. After recording all the information for the BVI Sea Turtle program, we set the turtle down to the side on a cushion, and it was watered frequently. After a long day of turtle tagging, we enjoyed some shore time and bought food in Anegada’s small town with our phones. Then we came back to the boat and docked showered and ended the day with surprise French fries from Beezy!