Location: Great Camanoe

This morning, we woke up later than usual and prepared for a busy day with trash collecting and sailing. After a quick breakfast, we set off on a four-hour hike in Anegada where three teams competed to win a trash-collecting scavenger hunt; some of the items included all seven types of plastic, shoes, a child’s toy, and a unique item. Although today was hot and the hike was long, we got to experience firsthand the beautiful blue-green water and beaches of Anegada that teemed with sea life and conch shells. My group encountered the unique sight of nurse sharks mating on the beaches, which was amazing because we had previously only seen baby sharks. It was awesome to see everyone work hard and be serious but still have fun and be competitive about keeping the beaches clean for the people and ecosystems in Anegada. Then, after lunch, our boat sailed for three hours from Anegada to Great Camanoe on the most chaotic yet fun ride yet.¬†Throughout the entire sail, we played twenty questions and sang Christmas carols at the top of our lungs, and we experienced all of the holidays today ranging from Thanksgiving dinner to birthday celebrations for everyone on our boat, and today brought everyone closer than ever. Today was another perfect day in BVI!