Location: Anegada

Hi everyone!!

To pick up where we left off, we stayed the night in Anegada. Krisz awoke us with the minion soundtrack, another impeccable choice for a little after 6 am. Our chefs, Delphine and Gavin, made a quick breakfast, and we headed to our service project of the day. There, we had the opportunity of digging two-foot-deep holes and slashing down papaya trees—two activities Chava was particularly enthused about—to ready the space for a shade structure. Working in the backyard of an elementary school teacher, we planned to place large wooden planks to make a rectangular structure—its job being to help her garden flourish in such a humid environment. Speaking of humidity, we were relieved of the hot morning with a quick downpour. We all enjoyed this quick (freshwater!) shower in the midst of our work. Surely a highlight of the day. After the rain cleared, every member of our team got to work once again. Jobs ranged from weeding to power tools, and, although hard work, everyone could be found with a smile on their face. Azi found companionship with a power tool, helping to further cut wood to size. After fitting squarely in place, Logan and others carefully tried out the electric screwdriver to better stabilize the structure. Everyone thoughtfully lent a hand, and we were rewarded with our ideal sturdy structure. Our host was entirely grateful to come home to an entirely new greenhouse for her many plants: a job well done, team. After our success, we headed back to our home base, took ocean showers, and readied ourselves for an early dinner at the Lobster Trap. Our dinner was delicious, with an incredible view. As I write this, there is chatter of a future movie, as well as a beautiful rainbow in the clouds.

Families—we miss and love you all very much!!

– Zoe