Location: Anegada

Hi everyone!

As I write this, the entire boat is dancing to some Taylor Swift to hype up the dish crew after Adele and Samaara’s taco night. Today was a great day! It was an early morning for Jess, Krisz, and Lindsey because we left Leverick Bay at 5 AM. Awoken to the peaceful sound of water bottles and pans crashing around in the kitchen, we had a very relaxing ride to Anegada and even sailed for a bit. Aside from Ella’s review of sleeping on the kitchen floor, everyone slept very well. By the time we arrived around 9:30, we had decided the best plan of action was a Mac and Cheese brunch before shuttling the timber on the dinghy to shore for our project tomorrow. Even though the timber was about double the length of the dinghy, Chava was a Champ and helped get it to shore. At the site, we planned out the greenhouse we’re building tomorrow, where Gavin and Logan picked fresh papayas. (Shoutout to Zoe for her gummies, they were much appreciated.) When we got back, we got to spend a bunch of time in the water and get some ocean showers in, something we’ve all come to love. After the dishes are done, we’re all going to watch a documentary and enjoy the Mango ice cream that Maeve and Sanaah made this morning!

Lastly, to all the parents out there (especially mine), you will be happy to know that no one on the boat is severely sunburnt!

We miss you all so much and hope you’re doing well!