Location: British Virgin Islands

This morning we all had to get up pretty early to make the trip over to Nanny Cay for the dog show, though it seemed that pretty much everyone was awake before they even needed to be. The day started a bit rainy, but it quickly got hot later on after we docked and walked to the area where the dog show was. When we got there, we met Nancy, a board member of the BVI Humane Society who was coordinating the event. We introduced ourselves to her, and we soon started setting up the different stalls, like a bake sale, face-painting, paw-painting, DVD-selling (we think that most were pirated copies), and registration and just organizing tents and signs in general. After we were almost done setting up, the first dogs and their owners started showing up; registering for all the different events. Though many of the dogs were just what they call “island mutts” (or coconut retrievers) and pretty much none of the dogs were trained, everything was treated very officially, and they even brought in a professional judge from Puerto Rico. For some of the fun events, like best-dressed, there were different outfits for owners to dress up their dogs in, and some of us even got to help show the dogs in the ring for owners who didn’t want to do it themselves or for people that didn’t have enough time. After the show was over and we had helped clean up, we carried the tents and an enormous box of leftover cookies back to the boats and had a little shore time before we had to leave. For the trip to Peter Island, where we’re moored right now, we raised both sails, and I discovered how difficult it is to steer a boat when you’re trying to fight the wind. We got to have a group dinner (Veggie burgers grilled on the back of the boat) with the other Lifeworks boat and had some time to spend together as an entire group. All in all, today was probably one of the group’s favorite days, whether because of the dog show (cute puppies) or getting to know people on the other boat better (communal showering off the backs of the boats and ‘girl talks’)