Location: Bluff Bay, Beef Island

This morning I woke up in my cabin. Today we “carpooled” with our sister boat Grins, and ate breakfast together underway. We all anchored into Virgin Gorda yacht club together. We used the dinghies to get to land, where we got into a taxi. The taxi drove us to the copper mine. This copper mine was built in the 1800’s. A park ranger named Atley told us more about the history of the structure. For example, other than the one in Cuba this is the only copper mine in the Caribbean. We also had the opportunity to explore the rocky beach near the mine. We climed up the steep sloop of rocks, and when we arrived at the top we saw the beautiful waves crashing benith us. We also helped do a quick clean up on the rocky beach. Soon after we cleaned the side of the road leading to the mine, which is known for illigal dumping. We found many strange and unusual things during the three hours we picked up garbage. We then walked to a miniture golf course, people either played or just hung out for a little. We then all took turns getting in the taxi to get back to the yacht club once again to get on our boat together. Shipmates from both boats sailed back to Savannah Bay. We got the other shipmates to there boat and then all of the people changed and we went to the beach for a while. We were prepared to stay all night in Savannah Bay, but we ended up sailing later in the day. I helped sail the boat as we went to a bay off of Beef Island called Bluff Bay, where we sayed the night. I had a very good day and I am sure all the rest of my shipmates did too.