Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up in Savannah Bay and began our day together with a bowl of cereal. We sailed over to Spanish Town and got ready for our packed day. Our first activity of the day was hanging out with the primary school children who attend Bregado Flax. After our greeting with the head of school, Mr. George, we walked around the school’s complex. As we were walking the children’s faces exploded with excitement and everywhere screams could be heard. Us Lifeworkers could not help but smile back at them. When the festivities began we played lots of games like “red light green light” and “duck duck goose” then headed over to the field.

On the field, I was handed a mesh bag filled with sports equipment and was immediately swarmed by the kids. When everything was brought out all you could see was about a hundred kids smiling and playing with us and each other. Later we brought out crayons and face paints and the children went insane. I can easily say that I am now a professional face painter. Everything we did with the children brought them immense joy and I think we all couldn’t have felt more incredible. I think I can speak for my whole boat when I say this of how much today opened my eyes to what I have and how much I take for granted in my life. Watching these kids enjoy swinging a foam bat and being so incredibly happy filled me with joy and showed me I should enjoy the little things in life. This experience I had today couldn’t have been a more amazing experience for me and saying our goodbyes couldn’t have been harder. When we left we headed downtown to go eat and do a little shopping. Eating that cheeseburger couldn’t have tasted better. Finally, we ended our day with a trip to The Baths. The bath is a beautiful area where you can swim and climb rocks and snorkel. It was one of the most beautiful places I think I have ever seen. The scenery was incredible. Back on the boat with everyone, we headed back to Savannah Bay where we pondered the question, how did today’s experience impact your experience and everyone had a very interesting and legitimate response. After, we ate dinner that Gabe and Tamara cooked which was on point, I give them a 10/10. Overall I couldn’t be more pleased with how today went. From working with these children to swimming in the baths, I couldn’t be having a better time.