Location: Amritsar

We started the day off by eating a nice breakfast of pancakes, toast and Indian food at the hotel. We then said goodbye to Norbulingka and got in the car for our four-hour drive to Amritsar. On the way we got a chance to see people living their daily lives in India, elephants walking on the street, water buffalo bathing, and rice fields.  When we arrived at our hotel in Amritsar, we ate a classic Indian food filled lunch and then we took some time to rest in our rooms. In the evening we all went to the golden temple. We wore headscarves and after standing in the heat for two and a half hours to see the shrine, we had a newfound respect for people who have to wear them on an everyday basis. After two and a half hours of pushing and shoving and standing in a compact line, we went inside the shrine and saw people praying and giving offerings. The shrine was decorated with 24k gold, and it was beautiful. The water around the temple is holy, so many people were bathing in it or drinking it. The temple also serves free meals 20 hours a day, to anyone who wants it. We got to see the dining hall and where the food is made. We ended the night with another amazing Indian meal at the hotel and had a good nights sleep.