Location: Anegada

We started the day with an early breakfast so that we could get the day going. We needed the head start because it was an important and really exciting day considering we had all been talking about this day for so long, turtle tagging! We took the dingy over to Anegada and then a taxi to the fishermen’s dock. From there, we started loading the little boats with groups of three or four people, and before we knew it, we were bringing in turtle after turtle. For some groups, they found a turtle in as short as five minutes; while other groups, it took two hours. For my group, we spotted two but lost them. Then we found turtle #3. After chasing him down, tiring him out, and numerous failed attempts, we finally got him after all third time is the charm. We named lucky turtle #3 Fish. After each group brought in their turtle, we laid them down on the table for some research, taking pictures, recording measurements and tagging. From the adrenaline rush and excitement from catching the turtles, we had to switch to research mode, complete focus, and quietness. After a bit, we released them back into the ocean, with a total of eleven turtles. After a long and successful day of turtling, we got some free shore time. We got our phones and did some shopping, finishing off the day by talking to our friends and family and filling them in our once in a lifetime opportunity.