Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

We started the day with an early 6:30 wakeup, ready to fill our stomachs with oatmeal and cereal. A quick(ish) motor over to Jost Van Dyke, one failed engine and a mooring ball capture later, we had everything we needed for the hard working day ahead of us. We boarded the dinghies, and set our course for the harbor, a brief walk away from the school we worked at the previous day and would continue to work at for the rest of the long day. Once we arrived at the school, we had our work set out for us. The continuation of us sanding the plaster we applied yesterday took place throughout the day and had to take place before we could start painting the school’s new rooms.

Five hours of work later, it was time to eat lunch at the world famous Foxy’s restaurant. Although it has shrunk after the storm, the same amazing food was being served, especially the fish and chips. After an hour and a half of shore time later, we began work again. Slaving away at the walls of the school, we successfully sanded down the rooms and painted one of them completely. A few of the kids came over, to get a sneak peek of what was to come in their new classrooms. They even helped out sweeping up the floors with us.

Once we got back onto the boat, we had to motor over to the other side of Jost Van Dyke, to a bar called Sydney’s Peace and Love. At this location, tonight’s barbecue would take place. Burgers and hot dogs are just a few of the foods available for the students of the Global Expeditions group to be able to feast on while watching the sunset over the horizon line.