Location: West End, Tortola

Captains log, stardate 72618. Life aboard the BVI Pineapple has become more familiar than it was the day before, which makes complete sense. This day started off with a bang at 8:00 a.m. when we all headed down to Benjamin A Romney Park to do our last day of work for good; luckily we had some assistance from Blue Ocean and A-Wall, two local volunteer groups, who were both vital in the finishing of this project. From finishing bleachers in only 45 minutes and 2 days, to painting a mural that belongs in a museum today was an incredible work day, and we only had to go to Valero three times to get pineapple Fanta three times today. In addition to completing everything we set out to do, we did some quick maths (2+2=4-1=3) and got some delicious lunch brought to us by Blue Ocean. Once all of that was completed, our fearful leader Elliot decided we deserved to go to a swimming pool to relax, so we did that. Later tonight we’re all going to go have one last BBQ with the entire AQ fleet down at the docks and begin to say our goodbyes to everyone we have gotten close to over these past three weeks. It is hard to fathom the fact that this is all coming to an end and in just over 12 hours almost everyone will be headed back home, but hopefully many of them I will see again soon.