Location: West End, Tortola

Nobody woke us up this morning because of the long day we had yesterday (except Isaac, David, and Eliot who went working on the bleachers). The girls woke up around 8:00. Don’t ask me why but Shannon and I were in a very funny mood while making oatmeal. We kept laughing for nothing, and 30 minutes later the boys woke up too. Jamie tried to make chocolate chip pancakes. After cleaning and getting dressed, the bleacher’s team came back to the villa: it was time for us to have a deep discussion. Everyone tried to explain their feelings honestly, and we got over some of the tension from yesterday. Then Elliot explained to us that children from the island would come tomorrow to paint the wall, so we had to get the first layer done. David added that even if we don’t do everything we wanted to, coming to this park and trying to make a difference gives hope to local people. He is right because people keep thanking us or proposing to help every day, we even got an article in the local newspapers! We finally ended the discussion with Jaden and Chase eating an egg yolk for fun. With a little bit more motivation we came back to work around 12. I started pressure washing the walls, while David and Isaac got back on the bleachers, Jaden was repairing the wall, and the others started painting the blank wall. I finally reached team painting leaving the pressure washer to Chase. We had lunch on the basketball court and came back to our respective works. In our playful mood, Shanon and I painted the wall (and maybe our arms and legs too) talking about prom. We finally left at 6:30 with a part of the basketball area clean and walls painted. Back home, Jamie cooked cheddar broccoli pasta.

PS: @papacarni @mamscarni happy 20 wedding anniversary ( meme a l’autre bout du monde je vous le souhaite on time, si c’est pas la classe ca ?!)