Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up around 6:45 and got to the park around 8:00. David and Isaac continued to work on the bleachers while the rest of us worked on our tasks. Jaden threw up three times and was unable to work for most of the morning. Clem and Elise cleared brush behind the wall. Jamie and Chase started taking roots out of the ground but needed a little help later in the day. Shannon had a mental break down at the work site and had to be taken back to the villa. I started my day cleaning the wall so it would be ready for the pressure washer later in the day. As the day went on everything started to fall apart. When it was roughly 1:30 we walked back to the villa for our usual afternoon break. Isaac, Jaden, Chase, and I went to Pusser’s to get some food. We got back to the work site around 4:30 and this is when things started to fall apart. Tensions started to rise, and some of us were getting very stressed out. We ate pizza for dinner that Elliot picked up from Pusser’s. We ended up working till roughly 11:00 PM and all of us went home very upset with the number of hours we had to work. As soon as we got home, everyone just showered and went to bed.