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Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island


Today was a long workday. After waking up to a steaming plate of delicious eggs, we went on dinghies to the VISAR headquarters. A man in a black uniform spoke in front of us in a cold room. With a wounded finger, I wasnt much help while I assisted with painting two huge crates. Bright orange paint ruined my clothes and stained my skin but still did not ruin my amazing time helping out with VISAR. Later all of Lifeworks took turns on VISAR’s super fast dinghy. I felt my face being ripped backwards from momentum as the dinghy sped through the water. My friends and I ate a delicious pizza for dinner and then ate vanilla ice cream out of a carton. There were no spoons so we all used forks and had a joyful time. Finally, we made complicated friendship bracelets with a white string. Today is definitely one of the best days of the trip so far.