Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

 Today was a very good day. We sailed from Sandy’s Spit to Road Town today. Including having some shore time. Also had a chance to talk to my mom and my dad and talk about how my trip is going also checking up on the family seeing how my mom is doing and also my dad too. Then after that, we went to some place in Road Town and sneaked into a hotel bathing room for both Snowcat and Luna to take a shower. When we took that shower felt so good, it felt like  I was back at home with having so much space and having clean water for once on this trip. But before we did all of this Will waking up and doing an early morning dive and getting a chance for Will to see the sunrise up while he was under the water. While we were sailing, we were playing pirate music while putting up the pirate flag. And when we were putting up the flag, it felt so intense, and it felt like I was in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean while they were sailing.