Location: MySmallHelp Peru, Ollantaytambo

Today we all woke up early and got on the bus to go to Chilca, a colorful school surrounded by pretty mountains. The bus was about to leave when the battery died, so we had to take another bus to get to the school. The kids were so welcoming and excited when we arrived. I made friends with this little girl Daniela while playing volleyball before English class. Afterward, we taught first and second graders how to say numbers and their name in English. The children were very cute and ready to learn. I loved getting to spend time with the kids and learn about them all. A while after, we collected, washed, and painted stones to spread around the garden. Gabi, Kaylee, and I all accidentally touched a leech(?) while cleaning rocks. However, we were okay and had a lot of fun being scared of leeches(?). The stones all ended up looking great and the day was so much fun.