Location: MySmallHelp Peru, Ollantaytambo

What a day! I can speak for all of the girls when I say that today was one of the most active days we’ve had this whole trip! The day began bright and early as 12 of us headed out by foot to a nearby elementary school in Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival, we met with members of My Small Help to begin preparing a plot of land for a garden. As soon as we started, everyone knew to work fast if we were going to complete the garden in one day. With all 12 of us tugging at weeds and beating up the soil, the preparation still took two hours of tireless work. Parents and friends of the girls on this trip, please take the time to imagine your daughter in the corner of a school in Peru with a pick-ax with pants covered in dirt. Yeah, THAT is how the 12 of us looked when we weren’t busy crawling on hands and knees to pull out weeds. We got the ground ready and quickly planted a variety of vegetables before saying goodbye and heading to lunch through a mountain on a path about a mile long. From there, we were rewarded with treats from the chocolate museum. The night was topped off at a nice restaurant in the town. We are all pretty tired from such a day, but it was incredible to push ourselves to work hard and have fun! (P.S. Hi fam!)