Location: Bangkok

Today, we worked with the DPF kindergarten. Upon our arrival, we were divided into team red and team blue and were welcomed into our groups. We were given hats and tutus to put on which was very exciting because I don’t remember the last time I wore a tutu. After the DPF staff speedily dressed us up, the parade began as we headed down the streets of Klong Toei, dancing to the loud drumbeats and music. The excitement continued when we returned to the kindergarten because we watched and even partook in many performances. Since it was a mini field day for the kids, the games between team red and team blue soon began. We had many different competitions such as plant dragon races, potato sack races, ball & spoon game, and tire rolling races. Every game involved the kids and the Lifeworks team. We were even awarded medals depending on our placings! We ended our field day with a tug of war race between the DPF staff and us. Despite our efforts, we unfortunately lost but that’s okay because we had so much fun it the process. We then had a giving ceremony where we gave every kid a backpack and water bottle donated by us. A quick break in the upstairs nap room and lunch followed the giving ceremony. We met Olivia while having coconut ice cream and shell be helping us as a translator in the next few days. For our afternoon activity, we visited the homes of kindergarteners and learned about their lives in Klong Toey while delivering donation bags of food to their families. In the evening, Ella and Keeley surprised us with a scavenger hunt in Terminal 21, which is a nearby mall. We had to complete challenges such as doing the Macarena with Thai people and taking photos in silly outfits, with boats, with fish, etc. It was super fun running around the mall in pairs. The winner of the hunt got to decide an evening activity and also got to dare Ella and Keeley to do something. For dinner, the group couldn’t decide between traditional Hong Kong style dim sum or Mexican food, so we split into two groups. During our squeeze tonight, we looked over all the photos from the hunt and together, decided on a winning group. It was a close competition, but Ryan and Tres won (only by a little), and they chose Muay Thai as our evening activity. Good night!