Location: Bangkok

Today was our day off during the lifeworks trip, so we decided to go to a local amusement park just outside of Bangkok called DreamWorld. After taking the BTS SkyTrain (skyboat) and a bus (and boat) an hour later, we arrived at DreamWorld. We spent almost the whole day at the amusement park playing games and going on rides. Most of the rides were meant for little kids but we didn’t care, we still had an awesome time. Some rides were really fun like the hurricane, the Viking was also really fun, but we all felt a little sick afterward. After the rides, we moved on to the small games like throwing darts at balloons to win prizes or shooting basketballs into hoops. With extreme perseverance and determination, Ryan was able to beat a game where you had to get a metal ring down a twisting metal coil without either piece of metal touching the other. He won a huge stuffed animal Rhino which Rose named Bello (short for Portabello). After DreamWorld we all headed back to our hotel to take a small break before heading out again to get a Thai massage before dinner. Everyone enjoyed the massages. For dinner, we went back to Roy Thai because the coconut smoothies were really good. This was our second and final free day, from tomorrow onwards, we will be doing volunteer work and interacting with kids until the end of the trip. We have reached the halfway point of the trip, and we have all bonded.