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Location: Pathum Thani - Bangkok


Today we started off the day doing a group activity with the Klong Toey youth group. We had the opportunity to learn about the harsh reality that they face everyday in the slums. Getting to hear about their lives firsthand was a chance for the Lifeworks group to not only learn more about the youth groups lives, but also reflect on each of our own lives. We also shared our dreams and learned that although these teens are faced with many challenges at an early age, they are deeply caring about their community. After a quick lunch, we gathered again one last time as a group and made friendship bracelets for each other to remember the relationships we have built over the past two days. We also wrote short letters on memo papers to share with one another as a parting gift. Spending time with the Klong Toey teens was definitely a different experience compared to the Kanchanaburi kids in terms of age difference, but the relationships and lessons we have learned from this trip are certainly ones we will cherish for a long time. We have also learned that the difference in language does not impose any restrictions on our ability to communicate or share our experiences/culture. On our way back to Bangkok, we all had a fun time singing and dancing together on the bus. When we got back to our hotel we all went to the pool and had some downtime before dinner, card games, and squeeze.