Location: Pathum Thani

We had breakfast at the hotel and then were picked up and taken to the DPF offices in Klong Toey. When we arrived we met a group of teenagers who are supported by the foundation, we all piled into a big bus together the bus ride was very eventful! We played icebreaker games throughout the whole journey and had a competition to perform dances with a partner. The drive was an hour and a half out of Bangkok to a province called Pathum Thani. When we arrived at the resort, we started playing more games and divided into three teams ” green orange and blue. We had a competition, which consisted of 3 stations ” the first one involved tying a rope around our waists that connected to a rubber which we had to direct as a team to pick up and move water bottles. The second one we had to guide our blindfolded partner to pour iced water into a water bottle balanced on a team member’s head. The third one we had to move from one side of a net to the other through holes without touching the net. After lunch, we all went down to the banks of the Chao Phraya River to play water games. Games included water basketball, boxing on a beam over the water, banana boat rides, and tubing. Me (Bryn) Ella, Yoyo and one of the boys from DPF went tubing in torrential monsoon, which was so hilarious, we had to hold on for lives and were screaming the whole way through! We had dinner all together, and then the Thai teenagers did some performances for us ” in return, we danced the Cha Cha Slide again which then led into a riotous dance party! We all had a lot of fun bonding and sharing our crazy dance moves!