Location: Kanchanaburi - Bangkok

This morning, some of us woke up earlier (6 am) to see and say one last time goodbye to the kids from DPF. The girls did not hear this early morning call but wanted as well to see them one last time. Some of the kids gave messages to a few of people of our Lifeworks team.

At Breakfast, the time the staff of DPF gave us a souvenir: a poster for each of us with photos of us with the children through our time at DPF.

Right after breakfast, we left the foundation to go to the elephant place. We were in pairs to ride the elephants. The tour was kind of scary because we climbed a sharp ridge and then went down a steep slope. We also went into the water; luckily, for our cameras, the elephants did not shower us.

Then we went to Hellfire rail track; it is a train road still use today on weekends, we were safe because it is Friday! We walked on the rails; there was even a Buddhist temple next to the railway inside a cave. We also did some shopping in this area. The railroad was built during WW2, and more than 100,000 Allied war prisoners and Asian farmers died building it. They recruited Asian farmers because the war prisoners became weak from malnutrition. More than 400 kilometers were built in 6 months.

For this reason, the Hellfire Pass memorial museum was built in honor of those who lost their lives during the building of this railway. We went to visit after lunch. Each table ordered around four meals and shared them between the people who were sitting on this table (we had four people per table).

Then we went to a waterfall, but it was without water! The girl had changed so that they could swim in the waterfall this was a fun surprise! We climbed to the top of it, but we did not jump because of the lack of water.

Then we said goodbye to the last people from the foundation who had come with us on this half-day trip and took the road to Bangkok. We had fun during the beginning of the road, but after the two stops, we were all tired all fell asleep. The transportation was longer than expected because of the traffic.

Once we were in BKK, we put our bags into our bedrooms, and we went into a small and cute restaurant. Half of us got some tasty coconut smoothie. During the meal, we all gave Elliot Cream-o cookies (he loved it, we bought them on the second stop of our way back to BKK) except me who mad a mistake and bought Oreos instead! We all wrote messages on the packets because he left us to go to India tonight. We also played a rock game (one rock is what we would like to leave Thailand and the other one what we would like to bring with us back to our home)

As usual, just before going to bed and sleep we had a squeeze, but this one was special because it was the last one with Elliot. Saying goodbye to him was so hard.

In conclusion, we could say that this day has been full of emotion, good memories and goodbyes.