Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Hi parents! We had a wonderful start today with French toast prepared by Zoe and Delphine. Afterward, we left the boat by dinghy, traveled to a park, and met Pastor Frankie, who gave us an outline of the clean-up work that needed to be done there. We also had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan, a local 4th grader who had come to help (how sweet :3). We then split into groups, with Zoe, Jess, Adele, Azi, and Jonathan digging up dirt from holes in the playground in the park; me, Logan and Gavin working on leveling overgrown vegetation on the edge and picking up trash from the general area we worked in, and Maeve, Samaara, Sanaah, Ella, and Chava and Azi weeding. We also formed a line stretching the length of the park to sweep through and pick up any remaining trash. Afterward, we took a taxi back to the dock, and after a short store break, we went back to the boat and traveled to Road Town, where we all took freshwater baths and readied ourselves for the night. Our chefs also made a wonderful dinner featuring chicken salad wraps and rice with beans. As of writing this, we have finished cleaning up for the day and are about to watch a movie together, and everyone is happily lounging about the boat.

Hope that you are all doing great, and miss you lots!