Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Hey everyone, once again! We woke up PUMPED for our last day of service. We had finally perfected our morning routine for service days conveniently on the last day, to Krisz’s dismay. Our goal for the service was to help Visar, a local volunteer search and rescue team, by cleaning up both the yard surrounding the boathouse and their boat. A few of us cut our Go Beyond t-shirts into muscle tanks, symbolic of our last project, and these somehow seemed to make us work faster. Ella and Logan managed to chop down four trees, with our two machetes that have now gotten dull due to their overusage. After learning about Visar’s goals from an active member, we got a tour of their building boat and even rummaged through what’s in their med-kits. The counselors were truly satisfied with our work and decided to reward us with shore time at Moorings Base, where we all rushed to get coffee, smoothies, and paninis. While the counselors prepared to leave the dock, we struggled to make anklets with a lashing line by using a knot called the Running Turks head but somehow managed to make it work. While underway, Samaara, Azi, Gavin, Sanaah, and I had the funniest conversation about facial expressions while the rest of the group tried to match people to what fruit they would be. Logan and Maeve prepared the largest feast we’ve had yet, aka Mexican night, while everyone screamed to Chicken Fried by Zac Brown. Now we’re watching the dish team slowly make their way through the mountain of dishes. We are all trying to soak up our last few days!