Location: Dharamsala

Today marked our fourth day in Dharamsala. The morning ritual of the group has fallen into place, and everyone has come to expect the awakening trek through the city of street vendors and food carts. Once again, we were greeted at Common Ground by a delicious bounty of food ranging from Nutella and pancakes to spiced tofu. Due to schedule conflicts, we were unable to meet with our learning partners this morning but instead were treated to a tour of the parliament of Tibet in exile, including a museum of artifacts and a peek backstage to see storage of scrolls smuggled from Tibet by refugees. After a quick lunch, the group departed to the medical school where we were treated to a full class and were able to split into smaller groups and enjoy a full two hours of discussion and games to improve English. When we returned to the hotel, we made lesson plans for the next day then headed out to do some shopping. A lovely dinner of northern Indian cuisine and a conversation on the trials of Tibet ended the night. We then retired to our rooms for sleep and a hot shower.