Location: Baotou

Today was a WILD day that started off pretty ordinary. We began the morning with our typical breakfast, followed by a long conversation about whatever random topic we felt like discussing that day. After, we went to do some service in the orphanage. For lunch, we had amazing handmade dumplings, made by our fellow group members, of course. Dumplings are delicious, to begin with, but when they’re homemade they’re even better. We continued service after lunch, and I really bonded with this little boy I named Robert (of course, I have no idea if that’s his real name but let’s use our imaginations.) For dinner, we ate at an authentic Chinese noodle place. From there, the fun started. On our way to dinner, some members of our group spotted a fake Gucci visor with Peppa Pig on it. Logically, we had to stop and buy the store out. By some coincidence, we passed by a bunch of Chinese ladies doing a dance outside of our hotel. What else were we supposed to do except for join in? After our dancing excursion, we went back to the Peppa visor store and bought almost every single one. We then returned to the hotel for our trip forum discussion, which was promptly crashed by a few Chinese people who were staying on the same hotel floor as us. Our conversations ranged from Van Gogh paintings to charging money for taking our pictures. I had SO much fun laughing and talking with the random people who decided to join us and just thinking about how absurd everything was. I will definitely never forget what went down today.