Location: San Jose

Today we had breakfast at our hotel around 7:30 am, and we enjoyed toast, eggs, and fruit. After breakfast, we took the bus to La Finca, which was a property donated by the foundation to a couple with two children. At La Finca, we did some gardening, cleaned the deck of the swimming pool, and cleaned out the abandoned guest house. After working for a bit, children from La Carpio came to the house to play and swim. When they arrived, we finished cleaning and changed into our bathing suits to swim. After playing in the pool with the kids, the pizza was delivered to the house. We all got out of the pool and ran to the pizza inside and had a yummy lunch. After lunch all of us and the kids knocked down mangoes from the mango trees in their back yard, which were then devoured on the way to our next stop; the animal rescue center. We arrived at the rescue center, hopped out of the bus, and each chose a kid to guide around the center. We saw many sloths, monkeys, and parrots, which fascinated the kids. Our last stop today was the coffee plantation, where we took a tour and learned about how they make their famous delicious coffee. We got to taste test their many different flavors and blends of coffee and learned about the entire long process. Exhausted from our long day, we got back on the bus to our hotel where we ate a delicious dinner of chicken, rice, and plantains. Then we packed and went to bed.