Location: Manuel Antonio

Today we woke up and enjoyed our last breakfast at Hotel Dos Palmas. After finishing our last minute packing, we loaded our stuff onto the bus and began our journey to Mimos Hotel near the beach. On the way, we stopped at the rural school where we played with the kids and read a book about finding peace with yourself, nature, and others. We then helped the kids to illustrate the story and what it meant to them. A few of the kids even acted out the story for everyone. Soon after, we devoured a delicious lunch made by one of the women at the school. After a fun morning with the kids, we boarded the bus again and began to drive to the new hotel. To break up the very long bus ride, we visited a crocodile river which was fascinating to see. Finally, after a few more hours, we arrived at Mimos, where we were able to chill out and have a relaxed dinner in the hotel. It was a long day of traveling but worth it for the beach!