Location: Marina Cay

Signing in here. Today was an action-filled day of romantic walks on the beach with my fellow GoBeyond peers, partaking in a scavenger hunt picking up trash. It was astonishing to see the amount of trash covered all over the sand and the shrubs. We walked approximately 5 miles up the beach rummaging about to pick up the coolest trash, in hopes of winning the scavenger hunt. To Loblolly Bay where I was then greeted with two scoops of ice cream and candy. After our arrival at Loblolly Bay, we waited for Rondel, our taxi driver, to pick us up and bring us back to the docks. When we got to the docks, I got my phone and my money and ran away hahahhahahahha. I called my parents and checked in with them and then walked to a grocery store to get snacks (which we lack on the boat). Hello, mom and dad if you are reading this. Anyways, after our brief shore time, I got back on my boat with my shipmates and started getting ready for lunch. Today for lunch we ate tortilla soup and a lot of saltines. Right before clean up, Megan and I performed our unique dance moves with the rest of the boat. We then quickly cleaned up lunch with the intention of sailing to Marina Key, however, as we were getting our PFD’s on we realized we had been pranked by the Rebuilding Island Life Boat as we found ourselves stuck with another boats PFD’s. Megan, Bella, Sophie, Josie, Will, and I took the dinghy to the other boat and swapped PDF’s and we were then on our way to Marina Key. I took a nice long nap on the two-hour sail to Marina Key today which felt very nice! Also can’t forget to mention my daily pre-dinner snack break which, today, consisted of Swedish Fish, puffy Cheetos, and a granola bar. I was then summoned by BZ to dock the boat at Marina Key, where we filled up the boat with water and then anchored for the night. Bella was the chef tonight and cooked an amazingly gourmet dinner of tortellini with tomato sauce and garlic bread. It was so yummy. And here I am now writing this letter for all to see. This has been Phoebe Denenberg with the GoBeyond daily blog. Signing off, Adios Muchachos!