Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

(read in a country accent)

It was gerntag day today. We started in Marina Key. Then we underwent a short trip to Muskmelon. There we discovered what Gerntag day meant. It is essentially a free day to do whatever you want. I enjoyed sailing the most and catching them gnar gnars was especially fun. I taught Sasha how to turn the rudder and tack. She got pretty good. Wakeboarding was also a fun activity that I participated in. I tried hard, but I couldn’t get up. It was very difficult. You had to lean back in a chair formation and push your weight back to balance. My favorite part of the day, however, was during our sail trip. I tried to capsize our boat and failed miserably. Instead, I fell in, and Sasha and Henry stayed in and laughed at me. Right after, Sasha caught some major gnar gnar and flew off leaving me behind to swim to Some Beans (our boat name). For dinner, we had rice and chili. We all had a fun time cleaning that up… Overall it was one of the best days of our summer service trip so far. Stay tuned for more British Virgin Islands vacation logs!

P.S. Hi mom

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Silly Sully