Location: British Virgin Islands

Hello family and friends, I started today waking up to the sweet smell of delicious Nutella & cinnamon pancakes made by Lauren and Brendan. After we ate, we sailed/raced the other Lifeworks boat Moko Jumbie, back to West End, Tortola where we started our trip. Catalinaville came in the first place because “I’m de best captain.” We had some shore time to visit the place where we started our trip together and had some fun. I bought a couple of t-shirts and souvenirs for my family and did the occasional grocery shopping. I stocked up on the ingredients to make my famous guacamole dip for Mexican Night tomorrow night. After shore time was over, we headed out to the mangrove trees at Frenchman’s Cay. We counted the mangroves planted and recorded the data, I also removed the old PVC pipes from the adult mangrove plants, but a lot didn’t come out due to them being stuck in the sediment. After we finished doing the service project we headed back to the boat and raced back to Peter Island. On the way, I broke Catalinaville’s speed record at 9.2 knots. I had the most fun sailing because the entire time I was at the helm I had a huge smile on my face and it was pure joy. The entire crew had a blast! We finished the day by mooring at Oceanstar’s mooring ball “Sputnik” in Great Harbor Peter just in time to enjoy the sunset. We finished the night at Peter Island by rafting up the two boats in the harbor and eating dinner. Goodnight, everyone!

Skipper John Michael